QR Code Generator

QR code generator

QR Code Generator could be a easy and convenient tool that assist you produce QR Code image displayed on the screen. many content sorts area unit supported, embrace Text, Url, Email, signaling, Contact, Geolocation and SMS.

a. opt for the kind
b. Input the content
c. choose the design, or opt for alternative footage because the background
d. Press ‘Generate’ button to form the QR Code image
e. In background mode, move the QR Code image to the acceptable position

. will input a negative geolocation position
. Add permission checking for automaton six.0
. Fix cannot save image drawback

. Support to use picture or image because the background

. Add Contact and Geolocation sort
. Improve UI performance and bug fix

. Add Error Correction Level
. produce QR Code with example

. Add “Share” feature

. produce QR Code with completely different color

. Save the QR Code image to auxiliary storage
. give Clean feature to get rid of all the saved QR Code image


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