Via Browser – Fast & Light – Geek Best Choice

Via Browser – Fast & Light – Geek Best Choice

Via Browser - Fast & Light - Geek Best Choice

✔ Quiet Browser
Via browser won’t push news and different things to you. No trouble to your automaton devices.
✔ mini Browser
Via browser use abundant less memory usage on your automaton devices. Keep your automaton devices as quick as new.
✔ light Browser
Via browser is intended for art movement. most suitable option for geek user and United Nations agency fancy light merchandise.
✔ custom-made Browser
You can simply customise Via browser. this can be your own browser. Best automaton browser for you to style your own homepage.
✔ quickest Browser
Via browser is sleek for many automaton device. and that we optimized loads for quick browse.

We hope you’ll fancy your sleek and contemporary browse time. that’s what we tend to ar following.
Here ar some options of Via browser.
►Fast as lightning
This quick embody the speed of open app and exit. conjointly embody the quick speed of browse webs. provide your automaton phone fast-moving speed . fancy your quick internet browse.
►Light however additional
All the planning is lightweight and light. All the experiences ar lightweight. If you fancy the sunshine browser , you bought to like this one . fancy your lightweight internet browse time.
►Mini on automaton
The tiny apk. facilitate save the memory of automaton device. mini size conjointly facilitate automaton device sleek than ever. fancy your sleek internet browse time.
►Best for Geek
Efficient is particularly vital. and also the light interface provide you with a contemporary feel all the time. fancy your contemporary and economical internet browse time.

Here ar some functions of Via browser
• Date saving
• customise
• Ad block
• Privacy shield
• Bookmarks
• Adds-on
• Night-mode
• pc – mode
• Translate
• notice in page
• program switch
• online page save
• Intelligence pic
• unengaged to style you homepage
Via Browser Product conception
The main line of Via browser is geek. build arduous things easy.
Via browser listen to expertise of browse. contemporary and light. each automaton phone will keep Via browser well in hand owing to its mini size and memory usage.
Via browser have immense ability. Via browser have all formal perform and advanced perform like online page code, weblog and additional.
In a word , build arduous things easy.
Welcome to your feedback. fancy some time with Via Browser. Share Via Browser with others if you prefer


Now VPN – Free and Fast VPN – OpenVPN for Android

Now VPN – Free and Fast VPN – OpenVPN for Android

Now VPN - Free and Fast VPN - OpenVPN for Android

★ currently VPN is free VPN and quick connect facilitate unblock websites or applications.
★ the simplest unlimited free VPN shoppers for golem. Free VPN proxy, connect as a hare to unblock sites, LAN hotspot secure and defend privacy.
★ Hide your information processing and Browse in private, Use Multiple Countries Proxies to unblock any web site or app. 100% free VPN! High VPN speed!

★ Connect exploitation OpenVPN TCP Mode, OpenVPN UDP Mode

★ glorious and simply connect for Video calls.

★ you’ll be able to opt for VPN servers simply with high speed, unlimited information measure and unlimited server switches, you’ll be able to connect from anyplace within the world.

  • VPN for u. s., USA VPN is appropriate for North yank and South yank users
  • VPN for Federal Republic of Germany, appropriate for users within the geographical region countries
  • VPN for Bharat, appropriate for users within the geographical region countries and South Asian
  • VPN for Singapore, appropriate for Asian users
  • VPN for Russia, RU VPN, appropriate for Ukrayina and Russia, support VK for Ukrayina
  • VPN for Japan, JP VPN, appropriate for Asian users, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam
  • VPN for uk, UK VPN, appropriate for users within the geographical region countries
  • Support voice decision and video demand Arabian countries, like Asian country, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Sultanate of Oman and then on

★ simple to use, simple to attach with on click.

★ you’ll be able to interdict applications you don’t wish to use VPN

*** It’s all for complimentary
You should transfer the * currently VPN – Free and quick VPN – OpenVPN for golem * Application for golem now!

Contact currently VPN
If you have got any queries or suggestions, be happy to succeed in North American country on support


FishVPN – Unlimited Free VPN & Secure Hotspot

FishVPN – Unlimited Free VPN & Secure Hotspot

FishVPN – Unlimited Free VPN & Secure Hotspot

100% Free VPN! FishVPN is a limiteless Free VPN to access your favorite APP and web site victimisation the quickest VPN Servers. it’s additionally accustomed hide your information science and secure your Wi-Fi affiliation. It provides anonymous browsing, defend privacy, security agent, wireless fidelity hotspot protect, hight speed and stable.

Why select FishVPN?
✓ Easiest, one faucet connect with our international servers
✓ Security, no logs
✓ No Registration or Login is required
✓ Proxy any apps and sites in any country
✓ Super quick speed proxy
✓ proxy VPN for VOIP
✓ No mastercard data required. No trials offered.
✓ Hotspot VPN and faculty wireless fidelity VPN
✓ really unlimited, No session, speed and information measure unlimited

Download FishVPN, the unlimited free VPN proxy, and luxuriate in it all!

Multi VPN servers

  • vpn for us
  • vpn for European country
  • vpn for Japan
  • vpn for Republic of India
  • vpn for Singapore
  • vpn for Canada
  • vpn for England
  • vpn for The Netherlands

Hoping you suggestion and sensible rating to stay it growing and create it higher 🙂

Contact us:


Hi VPN, Free VPN – Fast, Secure and Unlimited VPN

Hi VPN, Free VPN – Fast, Secure and Unlimited VPN

	 Hi VPN, Free VPN – Fast, Secure and Unlimited VPN

Hi VPN (Free VPN) is that the prime free and unlimited VPN (Virtual non-public Network) proxy for golem devices. Hi VPN (Free VPN) masks your IP address, encrypts your net traffic, protects your privacy with a secure association on public Wi-Fi and helps unblock websites and bypass apps, looking at on-line videos in order that you’ll be able to access any restricted content safely and anonymously.

Why select Hi VPN (Free VPN)?

✓ very quick, and free forever.
✓ sizable amount of servers covering all round the world.
✓ All-new designed app with AN unexampled sleek expertise.
✓ showing intelligence select the quickest and highest quality server.
✓ No limit on traffic and usage time in the slightest degree.
✓ No got to register or login, no account needed.
✓ No pursuit of your network access, no log storage.
✓ No further permissions needed.
✓ Works with Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and every one mobile cellular knowledge carriers.

Install Hi VPN (Free VPN) currently You Can:

► Unblock geo-restricted contents

Encrypt all of your traffic and permit your favorite services and networks where you’re. currently you’ll be able to fancy Netflix videos, Spotify music and BBC iPlayer videos round the world as you travel.

► Bypass government censorship and network restrictions

Connect to your favorite websites and apps, like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, albeit you’re during a restricted network.

► Break through college network firewall restrictions

You can freely use any social media and streaming services by breaking through the constraints of the college network firewall once you connect with the field network, or use the school’s laptop to access the net.

► keep anonymous on-line and shield privacy

Using Hi VPN (Free VPN), your IP and placement are going to be disguised and your activities will not be half-tracked on the net. Hi VPN (Free VPN) is totally committed to your net privacy and keeps no logs of your activity, albeit somebody requests the info of our VPN service users, we’ve got none to produce.

► Secure your device and your mobile knowledge

Hi VPN (Free VPN) secures your golem device’s association whereas you’re connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular knowledge networks. Your word and your personal knowledge ar secured and you’re protected against hacker attacks.

► Largest vary of country and region coverage

Hi VPN (Free VPN) offers tens of thousands of servers in dozens of states as well as the u. s., Canada, Brazil, the uk, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, India and a lot of, which supplies you a lot of selections and higher association speeds.

► Free and unlimited, forever

As we tend to promise, Hi VPN (Free VPN) continually keep free and unlimited, and can continue forever. (Free VPN version might show some ads. Upgrade to Hi VPN Premium to fancy ad-free VPN, if you like.)

What is a VPN and Why Would i want One?

A VPN, or Virtual non-public Network, permits you to form a secure association to a different network over the net. VPNs are often accustomed access region-restricted websites, defend your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more.

In terribly easy terms, a VPN connects your computer, smartphone, or pill to a different laptop (called a server) somewhere on the net, and permits you to browse {the net|the web|the net} exploitation that computer’s internet association. thus if that server is during a totally different country, it’ll seem as if you’re returning from that country, and you’ll be able to probably access things that you simply couldn’t commonly.

The overwhelming majority of individuals of late ar exploitation VPN for torrenting or bypassing geographic restrictions to observe content during a totally different country. they’re still terribly helpful for safeguarding yourself whereas engaging at a restaurant, however that’s hardly the first use any longer.


QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator

QR code generator

QR Code Generator could be a easy and convenient tool that assist you produce QR Code image displayed on the screen. many content sorts area unit supported, embrace Text, Url, Email, signaling, Contact, Geolocation and SMS.

a. opt for the kind
b. Input the content
c. choose the design, or opt for alternative footage because the background
d. Press ‘Generate’ button to form the QR Code image
e. In background mode, move the QR Code image to the acceptable position

. will input a negative geolocation position
. Add permission checking for automaton six.0
. Fix cannot save image drawback

. Support to use picture or image because the background

. Add Contact and Geolocation sort
. Improve UI performance and bug fix

. Add Error Correction Level
. produce QR Code with example

. Add “Share” feature

. produce QR Code with completely different color

. Save the QR Code image to auxiliary storage
. give Clean feature to get rid of all the saved QR Code image